National Infrastructure for Comprehensive Monitoring of Soil and Water (SoWa) Ecosystems in Context of Sustainable Use of Landscape

The Soil and Water Research Infrastructure (SoWa RI) is designed to increase collaboration with the domestic and international research communities in order to address complex issues of soil and water interactions occurring at various spatiotemporal scales, from micro- to landscape levels. The unique combination of laboratory microcosms, mesocosms and manipulated catchments linked to a set of long-term monitoring plots enable determination of the key biogeochemical processes at all relevant scales. The high quality research will be enhanced by conducting laboratory experiments using modern analytical methods, including those of stable isotopes, molecular biology, computer modeling and other sophisticated, cutting edge approaches of contemporary research in ecosystem ecology. The SoWa RI will primarily support research aimed at understanding the key physico-chemical and biological processes responsible for providing ecosystem services such as water runoff, water purification and nutrient flows (particularly nitrogen and phosphorus) with emphasis on organic matter decomposition and nutrient release. A focus on ecosystems under heavy anthropogenic pressure will be especially stressed.

This comprehensive facility ensures international cooperation and substantially improves conditions for basic and applied ecosystem research in the Czech Republic. The SoWa RI creates technical, methodological and expert bases for studying the functioning of soil and aquatic ecosystems and their interactions. It will provide expertise, methodological consulting, services and instrumentation facilities, especially in soil biology, hydrobiology and nutrient cycling. It will be open to all environmentally-oriented research and education. The obtained data will form the basis for developing and improving sustainable environmental management, thereby diminishing the negative impact of human activity, as well as enhancing the use of existing potential.

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